Palm Cafe City

Palm Cafe City is wider format than PALM CAFE, donde además de tener una carta más extensa, se cambia el autoservicio por servicio a mesa.

This concept features starters such as the PALM CAFE Nachos, as well as burgers, various fries style, hot dogs and sandwiches.

Driller Ice Cream

At Driller you will enjoy watching how your ice cream is elaborated with the ingredients and sauce that you chose. Made with Soft Ice Cream, you will just have to choose your base among Nutella, Dulce de Leche, peanut butter, nougat sauce, blueberry sauce, strawberry sauce, etc. which will be blended with your selection of Oreo, Chips Ahoy, M&M´s, Kit-Kat, Twixx and many more.


EL Gallo Negro

Our restaurant offers a contemporary Mexican cuisine where you can also experience a vast selection of Mezcal and Tequilas, as well as our famous Margaritas.

With a very traditional atmosphere, you will believe to be in real Taqueria Mexicana.



A traditional italian trattoria. One of our secrets are the handcrafted sauces made daily. The menu features pizzas and pasta dishes where we can highlight the pizza with tenderloin strips and bernaise sauce or the Sorrentina gnocchi. With a modern interior design with a red color base, in Positano you will also be able to enjoy a large selection of italian wines, grappas and our signature cocktails.



A premium quality American restaurant. Burgers are made with Us Prime beef as well as Dry Aged Galician. In the menu you´ll find traditional dishes such as BBQ ribs, and famous meat cuts such as T-bone or Ribeye. The restaurant also features a vast variety of appetizers, spirits and cocktails.



Pierino´s is an italian restaurant concept very focused in the Delivery service, where the pizza is Roman style so that customers can enjoy it hot and crusty at home. The menu also features homemade pasta and lasañas.


Churrería Artesana

Churros belong to the Spanish gastronomy since the very old times. In Churreria Artesana, we have chosen to produce the typical Madrid style churro with the aim to satisfy those nostalgic customers who used to eat them after long nights at the Movida Madrileña times.

Besides the handcrafted churros and the homemade chocolate, the customer will also find in the menu a large variety of sandwiches, hot drinks, toasts and paninis.